The Apple iPhone 11 Pro is the bigger machine in the Apple store. The smartphone comes with massive battery capacity, a powerful processor and an impressive triple camera set-up. The most exciting features of this great product are iOS 13 which has good features that make iOS better. Well not everyone will see the battery percentage on the status bar on their iPhone, don’t be mistaken, the iPhone 11 Pro battery percentage is not missing, below we will be showing you how to get it on your iPhone.

iPhone 11, 11 pro & Pro Max


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Where did the battery percentage on iPhone 11 Pro go?

You should know that the notch on iPhone 11 Pro comes with a bunch of sensors for facial recognition and a front-facing camera which has already occupied the spec for the battery percentage, living the screen bar with just WiFi icon, network bar, time, etc. So to get the battery percentage on the iPhone 11 Pro, changes have to be made on the notch

How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 11 Pro

To see your battery percentage on your iPhone 11 Pro, you should follow the steps below…

Step 1: From anywhere, down from the top right side of the display beside the notch.
Step 2: This will take you to the control center where you get to see your battery percentage at the usual spot; top right corner of your display.
Step 3: Once you see the battery percentage, swipe back up to dismiss the control center and return to what you were doing.

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That’s pretty simple to do.

Will Battery Percentage Start Showing On Home Screen?

No, unfortunately, you can’t make the battery percentage to be on your iPhone home screen since the notch is already filled up with other necessities. Moreover, there’s no native option on iPhone that allows you to enable battery percentage on iPhone 11 Pro.
You can only see the battery percentage on your device whenever you are charging the iPhone. However, it still goes away when you unplug the charger.

So to see your battery percentage on your iPhone 11 Pro, you will have to rely on the swipe down the control center. Hopefully, you find this short article helpful.

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