From now on, the smartphone market will be saturated with new innovative devices. Apple is stepping up the game this time around and the long awaiting iPhone X foldable phone will be made available soon. This new innovation will not be the first nor is it going to be the last. This is because Samsung has introduced a foldable device alongside the Huawei which comes with a moniker Huawei Mate X. From another source, the Oppo is also working on a foldable phone as well.

iPhone X Fold

No one wants to be left alone in the dark as we have witnessed in many trending over the years. Well from the looks of things, it seems Apple was the first to come up we the idea of a foldable device because they are well known to be an expert in new technology innovation. The iPhone X Fold will be an apple first foldable device and the phone is said to come with tons of amazing features that will shake the smartphone market.

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iPhone X Fold Rumor Specifications

From the leaks we have so far, the iPhone X Fold is going to feature a premium body design which will impress everyone to an extent. The phone will feature a double screen just like the Huawei Mate X. The exterior will fold itself revealing a more classic screen with a notch that comes in the form of an eyeball.
When open, the phone will look like the size of an iPad which could be used to stimulate a small MacBook with an attached keyboard. Both screens will deliver vivid content viewing. The external screen will have a 1:3 aspect ratio, while the inner screen will have a 2:3 aspect.

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iPhone X Fold

iPhone X Fold Price in UAE Dubai & Release Date

The iPhone X Fold in UAE will be the talk of the town even though Apple was not the first, it will come with additional features that will blow your mind. Apple has always been in the top because of a good reason and that will be visible on the new Apple foldable phone. The iPhone X Fold price in UAE is not yet available and the phone will be released in the middle or end of this year. The phone will cost a fortune though.


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