If you are curious and want to tabs on what is going on in your country, then you might want to download a Police Scanner applications to your iPhone or an iPad. These Police scanner will use local radio waves or use an audio stream to peg into the local frequency that enforcement is using. It’s perfectly legal to do this as well. These are available for public listening.

free police scanner app

If there’s something bad happening, the government will then switch to a private channel which is usually to avoid giving away their location or a location they’re headed to. However, if you want to keep listening to the public information, below are the best Police Scanner apps to download on your iOS device.


Police Scanner+ Free 

This is the best and free policy scanner application available. It lets you to nicely organize your scanner feeds to listen to.  One of the good things that this Scanner app does is that it allows you to listen to feeds outside of your area.  For example, you could be in Seattle and still listen to a feed over in New York City. The user interface looks great and usable.

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Police Scanner

This is another amazing and good police scanner application. The app allows you to listen to police, fire, and EMS feeds.  It also allows you to listen to feeds from all over the world. Even though you are in Austin, Texas, you can still listen to a feed over in France or Germany. The user interface is impressive and it’s well organized with easy to navigate user interface and it’s pretty nice.

Additionally, you can favorite your most listened to feeds for easy access and you can also browse the current top 100 feeds. The developer keeps the app up to date which means it will work on the latest iOS device.

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Broadcastify is another great policy scanner App with a neat user interface. The app allows you to easily organize feeds for police, fire, and EMS. It has a nice design and it also comes with its website, allowing you to listen to the police scanner on your computer as well. You can download the app on your as well, that’s is if you want to free up your device.

5-0 Radio Police Scanner

Another next in line is the 5-0 Radio Police Scanner application. This app allows you to listen to the police scanner app. It also allows you to listen to the police scanner feed minimized.  You can also look at the top 100 radios and edit favorites.

Scanner Radio Deluxe

The Scanner Radio Deluxe gives you access to a little over 6000 feeds.  It comes in the handy emergency guide, so you can kind of decode what police, fire, EMS, and dispatch are saying. There’s also a code that they follow and with this emergency guide, you will understand what they’re saying.

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Police Scanner+

This is just the perfect app you need to listen to the police. It’s an easy way to get you into listening to what’s happening in local fire and police. The developer claims that it’s the largest collection of police, fire, EMS, airport, railroad, comedy, talk, and music stations.
They’re giving 40,000 different stations, all available free of charge. It has a nice user interface and it’s easy to navigate around and find stations.

Scanner Radio: Police & Fire

This scanner apps is almost the same with other police scanner App mentioned above but comes with a nice user interface. It’s easy to navigate and comes with auto Dark Mode. You can manually pick from a variety of colorful themes.


These are the best Police Scanner apps available for iPhone, iPad and iOS device. We listed the best around with their download link and they are free for downloads. Do you have any other police scanner app to listen to feed around the world? Let’s us know through the comments box.


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